1) Attendance is compulsory for all the tests held during the year, failing which the student will be awarded zero. The student must appear for the examinations in order to be considered for promotion to the next class.
2) Retest will not be conducted for a child who is absent for any of the tests conducted during the year. Students who report late for any of the examinations/assessments will not be given any extra time for answering the question papers.
3) Student using unfair means during any of the examinations (weekly test or assessment) will be awarded zero in that subject. Parents of these students will be called to the school where both parent and child will be asked to submit an undertaking that if the same is repeated in future, the child will be given TC without an explanation.
4) All types of correction (totalling mistake, unmarked questions, etc) in the answer scripts should be brought to the notice of the subject teacher concerned on the same day. Any change thereafter will not be considered while preparing the result.
5) Request of Performance Report prior to the declaration of results will not be entertained.
6) The school organises various competitive examinations conducted at the State as well as National Level. Students willing to participate will have to pay the fee as required by the body conducting these tests.


1) The final assessment of a pupil at the end of the academic session shall be based on the achievements of a student in the Unit Tests, Term ending examinations and practicals /assignments taken by him / her throughout the year.
2) The percentage of distribution of marks in each subject during the academic year is as given below:
Unit Tests (UT-1, UT-2, UT-3 & UT-4) : 25 %
Terminal Examinations (Quarterly & Half yearly) : 25 %
Annual Examinations : 50 %
3) The Performance Report of the Tests / Examinations will be handed over to the students. The parent or guardian should examine, sign and send it back to school promptly.
4) For classes VI – VIII, to pass the examination, a pupil must obtain more than 35% marks in each academic subject. For class IX, pupil should obtain more than 35%mark in each academic subject and an aggregate of 40% for promotion.
5) Double promotion is not entertained for any reason.