Code of Conduct

Pupil’s Code Of Conduct

    The management takes care to maintain strict discipline. Parents are requested to co-operate with the school in this aspect and see that their children strictly adhere to the following rules:

  • Every pupil shall be modestly and neatly dressed in the prescribed school uniform on all school days and school functions. Pupils should behave in a graceful manner inside and outside the school. They should respect parents, teachers, elders and fellow students.
  • Pupils should speak only in English in the school premises and in the school bus. Silence is to be observed in the classroom, library and in the office area. Pupils should move to and from classrooms, playfields, morning assembly and so on in an orderly fashion.
  • No pupil shall enter another classroom for any reason.
  • Pupil must respect the beauty of the school. They must keep their classrooms and environment neat and tidy. Unbecoming acts like scribbling on the walls; desks and writing boards are strictly forbidden.
  • Pupils should not damage any property belonging to school or other pupils. The pupil who causes it will have to bear the loss without any concessions.
  • Pupils are solely responsible for their personal belongings. They are instructed not to bring costly articles of jewellery, cash or valuables to school. No pupil is allowed to bring to school any material irrelevant to their studies such as cell phones, personal letters, pictures, newspapers, magazines, objectionable literature and so on.
  • No pupil can participate in any outside activity on behalf of the school without prior permission of the Principal.
  • The Principal can, at the discretion of the management, discharge a pupil from the school, should the pupil’s conduct, behaviour or influence be in any way detrimental to the good name and smooth functioning of the school. Irregular attendance, habitual inattentiveness in school work, insubordination, use of objectionable language or behaviour departing from the conventions of good conduct and unwholesome influence on the fellow pupils are sufficient for dismissal from school.
  • Pupils should take special care of the DIARY and bring it to school on every working day. The remark entered in the DIARY should be shown to the parents who should duly acknowledge it by signing below it.